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Conquer College Application Essay

It’s time to sit down and write your college essay. When you have a million other things going on in this exciting, albeit hectic time in your life, it can be nothing short of overwhelming. What should you write about? What are colleges looking for? By the end of this four-week session, you will have a completed college essay that you can be proud of. This course aims to refine and improve your writing skills in both clarity and complexity. This course will help prepare you to succeed in rigorous college and career curriculum and experiences.

Faculty: Erika Davenport | Tuition: $295 | Schedule: 8 meetings X 75 minutes

Create Your Own Podcast

Podcast is EXPLODING! Thinking of starting your own channel? In this course, you will be guided through how to find your podcast ideas, start planning, writing, and start your own Podcast channel.

This course is BEST for bold hearts with big (or small) ideas to share with the world!

Faculty: Erika Davenport | Tuition: $225 | Schedule: 6 meetings X 75 minutes

Ace your research paper

In this course, students will study and practice the writing processes, from invention and researching to drafting, revising, and editing, both individually and collaboratively. Our studies will emphasize effective rhetorical choices, including audience, purpose, arrangement and style. Our primary focus will be on writing academic research essays as a vehicle for learning, communicating and critical analysis.

Faculty: Jon Griffin | Tuition: $295 | Schedule: 8 meetings X 75 minutes

Creative writing

Your inner writer unleashed.

This course is designed to awaken your literary interests, talents, and sensibilities, so that you may develop your abilities and skills as a writer. We will critique our works together in an instructor-facilitated writing workshop, and help one another in our literary awakening and skill improvement. The ultimate goal of the course is for students to have a work of prose or poetry ready to submit to a writing contest of their choosing.

Faculty: Jon Griffin | Tuition: $180 | Schedule: 5 meetings X 75 minutes

Sharpen your argument

Master the outline, technique, and language of exemplary argumentative writing. This course will delve into examining the details of a structurally sound essay. Additionally, you will learn how to incorporate a claim and how to develop a counterclaim, as well as strategies for supporting arguments with text based evidence.

Essentially, you’ll walk away knowing how to confidently present, support, and defend a position.

Faculty: Jennifer Beltagy.  | Tuition: $295 | Schedule: 8 meetings X 75 minutes