Parent Resource

Historical Seminar: Teach your kids how to write

The purpose of our seminars is to offer you as a parent the opportunity to get professional tips and advice on how to help your child learn how to write. These seminars provide an interactive and objective workshop to equip you with specialized, actionable knowledge on how to participate in your child’s learning process by offering them quality guidance.

Therefore, by attending our seminars, you as a parent will become a more valuable and supportive partner to your child in their journey to become a more proficient writer. You will have the emotional intelligence and professional insight to understand your child’s unique needs and how you can offer them personalized guidance for optimal learning outcomes.

Parenting Resource: Podcasts

Being a progressive learning program, we have also incorporated technology into our parenting resource endeavors. In the podcast, you as a parent will be able to obtain useful insights that will help you:

Encourage your child to make writing a habit that they love and enjoy doing.

Become more involved in your child’s learning process by providing assistance and guidance whenever they need it.

Assess your child’s writing progress and be able to identify areas that they find difficult so they can get more assistance in those areas.

Teach you how to make the learning process more interactive to ensure the best work outcomes

Besides offering expert and actionable advice, our podcast is also very convenient as past episodes will always be available on our account. That way, if there is any topic you want to revisit, you will always be able to access it easily.

Why Care About Writing?

It is every parent’s desire to see their child become an exemplary student who can read and write exceptionally well. This enables their children to succeed in their academic work and puts them in a great position to excel in their careers.

Therefore, it is important for you as a parent to be involved in your child’s learning process by ensuring that they have the best tutors that can teach them how to become proficient writers as well as providing assistance and guidance wherever possible. This is why we encourage you to enroll your child in our writing programs.

Dr. Peng will ensure that your child undergoes a comprehensible writing learner’s program that will sharpen his/her writing skills. Moreover, Dr. Peng provided tailor-made learning solutions that will enable you as a parent to actively participate in your child’s learning to make it even more enjoyable and rewarding for both you and your child.