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You can be an “Influencer”, too! The art of persuasive writing

Who says “influencers” are only on platforms like Instagram? Never underestimate the power of words! Perfect the art of persuasion with your ability to elicit agreement from your audience on a specific topic you feel strongly about, or even change their mind. Students will embark on a three-week investigation into what makes writing powerful and persuasive, including the art of rhetoric.

Faculty: Jennifer Beltagy.  | Tuition: $200 | Schedule: 6 meetings X 60 minutes

Extra! Extra! Read all about it

Are you a naturally inquisitive person? Do you like to get the scoop on breaking news? Digital journalism is the course for you! Great reporters know how to engage readers while presenting balanced facts. They ask the right questions, analyze sources, write and edit articles, and understand the keys to being a published journalist. Grab your notebook and your quest for knowledge and dive into the world of digital journalism.

Faculty: Angie Manzanares | Tuition: $200| Schedule: 6 meetings X 60 minutes

Speak with confidence: Public Speaking

Did you know that public speaking is the number one fear in the United States? Let’s change that! Through focus, breathing techniques, proper preparation and body language, you’ll grow more confident as a public speaker.

Faculty: Angie Manzanares | Tuition: $200| Schedule: 6 meetings X 60 minutes

Comic Book Club: Create your comic

Are you creative? Are you interested in comic and graphic novels? New and experienced writers welcome! In this course, students will use the Pixon website to plan, draw, draft and edit to create their own comic book creation! We will review model graphic novels such as Dear Justice League, Roller Girl, Hiro, Sister and Smile, New Kid, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Arrival, and the historical text Maus. This is a creative and fun course to build confidence in young writers!

Faculty: Kara Baron| Tuition: $200| Schedule: 6 meetings X 60 minutes

From Poetry to Short Stories

Time to get creative! For this class we will be going over poetry, specifically free verse and haiku. In addition, students will not only learn what flash fiction is, but get to write a flash fiction piece as well. We will also cover the rules for short stories, and each student will write a short story that he or she will have the option to submit to a short story writing contest!

Faculty: Amanda Hsiao| Tuition: $130| Schedule: 4 meetings X 60 minutes