Virtual Summer Writing Programs

Are you worried about the “Summer Slide”, and “COVID Slide?

According to a recent research, 3-5th grade students lose nearly 20 percent of their school-year gains in reading and 27 percent of their school-year gains in math. As for 7th graders and beyond, the numbers increase to 37 and 50 percent. NWEA further indicate the impact of “COVID Slide” which students show academic setback due to COVID slowdown.

We can help.

The summer virtual program offers a interactive and conductive environment, with theory-based methodology, that enable students to master the art of writing. Every week, the highly-selective faculty will offer engaging and productive virtual class to ignite your child’s passion and confidence in writing.


This program understands the dangers of summer and offers a conducive environment for your child to have a fun learning experience without them feeling like they are giving up their summer.

Our summer writing program is divided into four categories based on the natural learning progression as follows;

  • Elementary school classes
  • Middle school classes
  • High school classes
  • Asia student classes

Elementary school classes

The elementary level is the initial stage in the process of your child learning how to write. At this stage, the child is in the introductory phase of knowing how to associate their thoughts and speech with written words. The student requires a lot of help and guidance from an older person who is already proficient in writing.

Therefore, we strive to help the student to begin spelling, reading, and handwriting words. Through customized practice routines, we can guide the students in writing simple words and concepts, mastering sentence structure, using correct spelling, and enriching their vocabulary for more effective communication.

Middle school classes

In middle school, the child’s intellectual capacity is more significant, and they enter a stage of accelerated learning and development. Therefore, at this stage, we work to ensure that the student can express their thoughts in written form and communicate coherently using written sentences.

At this level, the student’s writing ability has improved. But there is still a considerable gap between their mastery of spoken and written language. As such, they can speak better and more coherently than they can write.

Therefore, our main responsibility at this stage is to help the child understand how to apply writing rules like spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We also ensure that the student can start communicating concepts and narrating stories that are more sophisticated through written language.

High school classes

At this stage, the student has effectively mastered all the fundamentals of written language. Therefore, our responsibility is to help them turn into a sophisticated writer who not only reproduces content but who can also create original content without any guidance.

Therefore, we use a more intensive and thorough approach to equip them with the ability to create and revise their own work, write advanced essays, develop academic research papers, and articulate sophisticated concepts effectively through written language.

Using targeted quizzes and tests, practice programs, and regular expert guidance, we will assist the student to master the art of writing at a level that will set the stage for them to transition into the world of advanced studies and professional careers.

Asia students classes

In the digital world, we are more interconnected than ever before. With just the touch of a button, you can speak to virtually anyone no matter their location. Therefore, everyone needs to possess literary skills that can enable them to pursue their education and career anywhere. This is the main reason why we have our Asia student classes.

These classes help non-native English speakers become more proficient in reading and writing English. For these classes, we use a personalized and customized approach to cater to the unique needs of our students.

That way, we can ensure that the students learn everything from the fundamentals of reading and writing to the advanced techniques of being exceptional writers who can communicate effectively and are skilled enough to write novels, academic research, and other sophisticated texts.