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Elementary School

Lower elementary school program

Write from your imagination: Create a story Book!

Time to get creative! A perfect class for the storyteller who is learning to transfer their ideas to paper. Writers will have fun learning about the elements and structure of a story while creating a book of their own! This is a great class for both beginner and reluctant writers to experience the joy in writing!

Faculty: Holly West | Tuition: $175 | Schedule: 6 meetings X 60 minutes

We are writers- Writing Basics 1

Empower your child powerful strategies for mastering writing skills!

Students will explore ways to generate topics, work through the writing process and practice writing exciting beginnings and endings. Mini lessons focusing on complete sentences and grammar will be incorporated throughout the course. This class is designed to provide your writer with necessary foundational skills while fostering their creativity.

Faculty: Holly Wester | Tuition: $175| Schedule: 6 meetings X 60 minutes

Advanced elementary school program

The power of illustration: Make your own picture book

Have you always wondered what it would be like to be an author of your very own picture book? In this course you will find yourself on a journey to plan, draft, and finalize your very own picture book! So, bring your imagination along with as we work on developing plot, adding illustrations, creating characters, and more in your very own story!

Faculty: Maria Golden | Tuition: $175 | Schedule: 6 meetings X 60 minutes

Explore creative writing

This class is ideal for anyone who loves to write or wants to know more about the different types of creative writing! In this course, we will uncover the skills and techniques of different forms of writing outside of your typical essay or narrative story. Some topics covered in this course include poetry, journaling, short stories, and news reporting. Increase your writing knowledge as you discover how powerful your words can be.

Faculty: Maria Golden | Tuition: $175 | Schedule: 4 meetings X 60 minutes

Elevate Your Writing: Exploring Expository Writing

Did you know that the majority of the writing your child is required to demonstrate at school and on high-stakes exams is considered expository? Students will engage in an interactive, targeted, three-week exploration of what makes expository writing exemplary. Students will have ample opportunities to elevate and enhance the quantity and quality of their writing in a fun and meaningful way, while acquiring confidence and a command of strong academic language. Above all, our goal is to instill a love of writing in your child, while building a strong foundation that will set them up for future success.

Faculty: Jennifer Beltagy.  | Tuition: $175 | Schedule: 6 meetings X 60 minutes