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The Joy of Writing

Do you know what talent big names like  Google, NASA, AT&T, and many other fortune 500 companies are looking for?

Competent writing skills are one of the most critical skills sought after by more than 70% of employers. Leaders with effective communication skills. Especially written skills. . 

Effective writing skill is one of the most sough-after 21-century critical skills employers look for. To ensure your child stand a solid ground in the highly competitive world, disregard of the career paths, strong writing skills enable your child’s voice to be heard and valued.

Join us in building your child’s power to soar!

The Joy of Writing

This is where the story began. 

Dr. Peng built the program initially for her own children. After a few years in the school system, she started to realize that it is not realistic to expect teachers for fulfilling individual student needs, especially when it comes to writing skill cultivation. Talk to your children, you might be surprised to find out how little time they really spent on writing in the long school hours. 

The Joy of Writing is a program dedicated to equipping our future leaders with excellent writing skills through an elaborate, systematic, and evidence-based guidance approach. We will set them out to an auspicious academic and intellectual journey ahead. 

In The Joy of Writing, the learning formula is about more than simply facilitating faster mastery of writing skills. We want to instill in the children under our wing a deep love and understanding for writing as an art form. We hope that our result-driven approach enables your kid to grow into an apt writer, who enjoys the process of effectively expressing themselves through written language. Eventually, our goal is to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in their time to shine. 

ABOUT dr. peng

Dr. Peng is a consummate educational expert with extensive experience in helping students develop proficient literary skills as far as reading and writing are concerned. Dr. Peng holds a Ph.D. and M.A in education from the University of Maryland, College Park as well as a B.A. in social work and philosophy from the National Taiwan University.

With an academic and professional background in education, she has a special set of skills well-suited to assist students in becoming proficient writers. Her experience as a youth development expert and education researcher gives her a unique perspective on how to help young learners perfect their writing skills through a comprehensive and interactive process that yields exceptional results.

As a publisher of several series on youth and children’s learning programs. Dr. Peng also understands how to integrate aspects of emotional and social intelligence into her student learning programs to achieve the best learning outcomes. As such, her students do not only develop impeccable literary and academic skills but admirable personality and character traits that poise them for future social, academic, and professional success.

Dr. Peng served as the Chief Operating Officer of Camp Fire Patuxent Area Council and has committed her efforts to develop the youth holistically so they can become successful individuals in the future.