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Did you know what talent big names like  Google, NASA, AT&T, and many other fortune 500 companies are looking for?
Leaders with effective communication skills. Especially great writers. 
Effective writing skill is one of the most sough-after 21-century critical skills employers look for. To ensure your child stand a solid ground in the highly competitive world, disregard of the career paths, strong writing skills enable your child’s voice to be heard and valued.
Join us in building your child’s power to write!

Why The joy of writing?

Evidence-based writing classes pave the way to success

In The Joy of Writing, we build foundational skills to master writing and critical thinking using an evidence-based, structured methodology, to support students’ long-term success. Over the years, hundreds of students benefit from the virtual writing course and made tremendous progress.

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High school programs

Creative Writing

Sharpen Your Argument

Ace your research paper

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Middle school programs

The art of persuasive writing

Vocabulary and Writing

Creative Writing

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Elementary school programs

Research Writing

Creative Writing

Create your own picture book

Vocabulary and Writing..and more!

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meet the founder

Dr. Peng is a consummate educational expert in proficient literary skills development

With an academic and professional background in education, she has a special set of skills well-suited to assist students in becoming proficient communicators. Her experience as a youth development expert and education researcher gives her a unique perspective on how to help young learners perfect their writing skills through a comprehensive and interactive process that yields exceptional results.


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